WAW (What a Weekend)

Drinking my coffee reflecting upon the weekend I can’t stop sighing, huffing, making loud exclamations and generally being in disbelief of all the wondrous things that have taken place.

Here is a sneak peek of what has occurred. It is rather, mental.

Thursday 2nd of February:

Carlos and I woke up (stick with it). I skipped to Abbot Kinney to get my makeup done with the best brow shaper and makeup artist in the world Kelley Baker at Kelley Baker Brows and then headed over to Euphoria to get my “up-do” with amazing Jenna (Angela is my beloved hairdresser that cuts like no other. Fact)

Mood of the morning: Giddy with the urge to pee more than usual.

Looking amazing (thanks to the most beautiful makeup and wowza hair style) Carlos picked me up at 1.

I got in the car – we looked at each other and screamed. We are getting married.

So we had hyped the whole thing down as our “real” wedding is in Norway this summer, but as the day approached the importance of the whole thing sunk in. On the day, we were ecstatic and basically, hysterical.

We ran home, got changed, ironed, Carlos showered, I checked our papers, we put perfume on, ironed more, more perfume…ran out the door.

With Elsita, one of our beautiful witnesses in the car we sat in disbelief and sheer ecstasy on the way to the Beverly Hills Courthouse. “Oh my God” was repeated several times. I sat clutching the most beautiful bouquet thoughtful Elsita had bought me – a complete bride.

Arrived at Courthouse. Marc our second beautiful witness was there, camera in hand documenting the occasion.

A line of couples waiting to get married. Carlos and I in Mexican dress, other Mexicans stared at us and smiled.

Our turn. A tall lady with the most comforting eyes and perfect curls stood before us and smiled. Her dark skin radiating in the sun. “This way.”

A small room with an arch covered by fake flowers. In the corner there was a fake cake. Here we go.

The ceremony was lovely. We both said YES and now we are husband and wife…legally. The spiritual side is greatly missing. Cannot wait for Norway wedding – will be amazing.

After this more pictures. Then champagne and some quite delectable tapas at The Ivy. Then a glorious dinner at Picca accompanied by some wicked Pisco Sours.

Amazing night..(nudge nudge wink wink).

Friday 3rd of February:

Awoke with my HUSBAND next to me. Wholly cow!

He left to work. “Now what?” Perhaps a tad anti-climactic. He missed our lunch date. Didn’t call to explain. I waited like a fool. Deep breathe. Kept reading The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin, I love you. Quite literally adore you.

Apologetic husband came home. He is the best – (corny moment) – I am very much in love.

Dinner date with Chef Kevin Meehan cooking as part of his Kali Dining. Ate the most delicious food I have ever eaten in my life. Highly recommend this unique experience.

Lots of wine and deep deep sleep.

Saturday 4th February:

Awoke thirsty. Don’t usually drink so body is confused and perplexed. Liver not happy.

Breakfast. Wedding planning. Laundry. Sun. Waves. Lying on the sand like beached whales. Iguana’s. Delicious. Eating banana chips. Heaven.

Dinner at Umami. Oh mammi, that is one good burger. Cold beer. Ice cream sundae for desert. Delish.

Mahler’s 8th “Symphony of a Thousand” conducted by Gustavo Dudamel at the Shrine Auditorium. Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela playing. Jaw dropping.

Waited for Dudamel after the concert. Congratulated the whole orchestra and choir as we waited. Amazing. Dudamel! Maestro! En hora buena! We shook his hand. He was lovely. What a Conductor – es un tipazo!

Met Marc (one of our witnesses) and friends downtown for a quick drink at Baco Mercat. Got peckish. Oh dear, the kitchen is closed. Food looked divine and smelt good. mouth-watering. Must return. Waiter lovely too.

Sunday 5th February:

Recovering whilst everyone else watched the Superbowl.

Dinner at Gjelina, perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Monday 6th February:

Sipping coffee and writing this. A pigeon flies into the apartment. A scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds and I love Lucy ensues.


P.S. A visual version of this post will appear shortly. I don’t have any pictures yet.